There’s a new icon on our home page called ‘Universal Credit’. Universal Credit is a new benefit that is gradually replacing out-of-work benefits and tax credits for people under pension age. You can read more about it on the national Money Advice Service website.


At the moment, the only people who can claim Universal Credit are people who are single, newly unemployed, have no children and don’t own their own home.


To claim Universal Credit, you need to use the internet. You’ll also need to keep your jobsearch records online to show to the Jobcentre. And from next year, you’ll need an email address to stay in contact with the Jobcentre.


That means you need to have regular access to the internet, know how to use a computer and the ability to read and write in English. So we have added details onto our website of places in Bradford district where you can get help with all these. Use our Universal Credit icon to search for local help. You can also find places to get free internet access on the Bradford Council website.